Year End Federal Tax Update

Event: Live Webinar
Event Date: September 19, 2023
Presenter: Nick Preusch CPA
Event Time: 11 AM EST
Duration:60 Minutes


The Year-End Tax Update course is designed to provide tax professionals with the latest updates and insights into significant tax law changes that have occurred throughout the year. This comprehensive course will cover key developments, legislative updates, and regulatory changes in the tax landscape, ensuring participants are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively navigate the year-end tax planning and compliance process.

Throughout the course, participants will explore recent tax legislation, including updates to the Internal Revenue Code, IRS regulations, and court rulings. We will examine how these changes impact various areas of taxation, such as individual and business taxation, deductions, credits, retirement plans, international tax, and more. The course content will be tailored to reflect the most current tax laws and regulations, providing attendees with up-to-date information on the latest requirements and opportunities.

Session Highlights:

  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) updates and provisions: Participants will gain insights into the latest interpretations, regulations, and guidance related to the TCJA, ensuring a clear understanding of its impact on individual and business taxpayers.
  • Recent IRS guidance and rulings: Participants will be informed of significant IRS pronouncements, such as Revenue Procedures, Notices, and Announcements, as well as court rulings and their implications for tax planning and compliance.
  • Legislative developments: The course will cover recent tax-related legislation, including changes in tax rates, brackets, and thresholds, as well as new deductions, credits, and incentives that taxpayers can leverage.
  • Key international tax updates: Participants will gain an understanding of updates to international tax provisions, including changes in reporting requirements, transfer pricing rules, foreign tax credits, and anti-deferral regimes.
  • Retirement plan changes: The course will cover recent updates to retirement plan rules, such as modifications to contribution limits, catch-up provisions, and distributions, enabling participants to provide accurate guidance to individuals and businesses on retirement planning strategies.
  • Compliance and reporting updates: Participants will learn about the latest changes in tax compliance and reporting obligations, ensuring they are aware of any new forms, filing requirements, and deadlines.
  • Planning opportunities and strategies: The course will identify planning opportunities arising from the recent tax law changes, enabling participants to advise clients on maximizing tax benefits and minimizing liabilities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will have the opportunity to engage in interactive discussions, case studies, and practical exercises throughout the course. The materials provided will include comprehensive reference guides, checklists, and resources to assist participants in applying the updated tax knowledge in their day-to-day practice.
  • By the end of this course, participants will be up-to-date with the latest tax law changes, equipped with practical strategies for year-end tax planning, and confident in their ability to navigate the complex and evolving tax landscape. This knowledge will enable tax professionals to provide valuable guidance to clients and ensure compliance with current tax regulations.

Who Should Attend:

  • Accountants
  • CPAs
  • Enrolled Agents
  • Tax professionals
  • Bookkeepers
  • CFOs
  • Office managers

Nick Preusch CPA

Nick Preusch’s primary focus is performing tax services for high-wealth individuals and mid-to-large business entities. Nick’s responsibilities include tax research related to complex business transactions and tax return preparation and review. He also works closely with businesses and individuals to find tax efficiencies through ever-changing tax legislation. He was also an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) attorney at the IRS National Office in Washington, DC, where he was the lead attorney for several significant tax ethics cases. Nick co-authored Tax Preparer Penalties and Circular 230 Enforcement, a textbook published by Thomson Reuters. He has also been published in the AICPA’s Tax Advisor and Journal of Accountancy along with CCH’s Journal of Tax Practice and Procedure. In 2017, he was named one of the VSPCA’s Top 5 Under 35. In 2018, he was named to CPA Practice Advisor’s Top 40 Under 40. In 2018, he was part of the AICPA’s New Face of Tax ad campaign. Nick is a licensed attorney in New York and a Certified Public Accountant in Virginia. He earned an LLM in Taxation from Georgetown University, a JD from Case Western Reserve University, and an MS in Accounting from the University of Connecticut.